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I am a lifelong coveter of covers, but the best ones are getting harder to find. Maybe it's like the old timer at Baskin-Robbins after years behind the scoop, tastes drift further and further away from chocolate and vanilla. But the truth is throughout my life on the banks of the river of music, I've cast my net for the curious and offbeat. I discovered community radio and used record stores in the 1970s as a high-school suburbanite, and entered the radio/television program at Ohio University and their 24-hour campus station in the golden era of college radio. The uptown record store I worked at part time introduced me to luxurious, import-only, seven-inch and twelve-inch singles, backed with exclusive b-sides or, occasionally, mysterious cover choices.

There were box sets for 1989 (5,6,7), 1990 (8,9,10), 1991 (11,12 and 13) and 1992 (14,15,16) with 3 cds in each.
Though, as there seem to be only 2 CDs some years, yet 3 CDs in every box's all a bit odd!

Indie Top 20 Volume 1

(Apr 1987)
CS (UK) 1987  Beechwood Music TT01
LP (UK) 1987 Beechwood Music TT01
2LP Band Of Joy Music TT 01 (?)
MC Band Of Joy Music TT 01 (released in two different sleeves!)

Mickey Way (The Candy Bar) - A CERTAIN RATIO
Dickie Davies Eyes - HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT
Sometimes - ERASURE
Please Don't Sandblast My House - ONE THOUSAND VIOLINS
Loan Shark - GUANA BATZ
Oh Grebo I Think I Love You - POP WILL EAT ITSELF
You Should Always Keep In Touch With Your Friends (Peel session) -
Lover & Confidante - BLUE AEROPLANES
Transmission (Peel session) - JOY DIVISION
Turn The Heater On (Peel session) - NEW ORDER
The Grip Of Love - GHOST DANCE
Into The Groovy - CICCONE YOUTH
Completely & Utterly - THE CHESTERFIELDS
Sorry To Embarrass You - RAZORCUTS
I Could Be In Heaven - THE FLATMATES
Beatnik Boy - TALULAH GOSH
The Day Before Tomorrow - BMX BANDITS

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Lunachicks - Sugar LuvLunachicks - Sugar LuvLunachicks - Sugar Luv